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I went through a website called 24/7 spares, where i fount NorthCarSpares, i was after a gear box and with a new born on the way,which i explained and said i was on a time budget,to this reply i was promised it wouldnt take no longer then a week to ship it through fed-ex to me so i made payment on the 14/3/2013.a week later there was no parts i phoned to chase it up,all i got was poor customer service,abuse and lies down the phone, i was then told they were are waiting on a delivery code from fed-ex and it would take 24 hours to get it,i was being told this every time i rang up so i phoned fed ex my self and was told no one has sent any parts from or to these addresses, i phoned northcarspares straight away to have more poor customer service and abuse and that it was in Blackburn depot that they have just had it redirect back to them but they didn't send it out so more lies, and finally i was then told i could have a refund but the same again there telling me they have put it in my account but surprise surprise now money in my account and when i phoned the last time i was told to get a draft back when i asked what this was he hanged up on me i haven't rang back since instead i am going to citizen advice and that the phone calls are recorded, i know they are in the wrong and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.

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i brought a part from through 247 spares web site it was a gear box i had to wait a week to be told they where waiting of fed ex to supply them with a delivery code i phoned fed ex they told me they havent had any request to deliver to my address or from northcarspares i then phoned them back and got a lot of abuse and was told i could have a refund but havent seen it and i payed for it on the 14/3/2013 and im writing this review on the 5/4/2013 DO NOT USE THEM AVOID

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NorthCarSpares - Bought a used car engine, refused to give a refund but it was not as described

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I bought a used car engine from the engine was not as decribed so i wanted a refund they refused completely dodgy cowboys be AWARE!

They are trying to claim that i took some of their parts and replaced them with mine and they are trying to charge me for this before giving me a refund this not true they only doing this to make easy money from me.

This is some of their scruples little sideline deals they are trying with their customers after finding their customers are returning their *** goods back to them.

I only say beware when buying online from these places. You can get protection if you pay by credit card and it the item is faulty you can get a section 75 from the bank to chase the supplier for a refund.

Pass this message on to others who are thinking of buying anything from this supplier

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These guys also trade as axledirect.



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